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About us

We connect life with QR Codes.

Our business is simple

We offer a gallery that can be accessed with a QR Code.

We all have hundreds or thousands of digital photos and it made sense to us to offer a service that connects objects that represent important achievements with their related photos.

A perfect add-on for new and existing awards and trophies

We offer the QR Code in a plaque.​

Along with the gallery, we offer a plaque with the QR Code and an adhesive back that can be added to any existing trophy, award, plaque, or even a medal.

We make these in-house, in Ontario, Canada.

Select the best photos and safely store them.

A curated gallery with a heart.

Once you buy a QR Awards gallery, it is forever. There are no recurring fees. We offer limited space for your selected photos and we do not want to replace your regular photo storage. QR Awards is aimed at safely storing and displaying your best photo memories connected to an award – those photos that are your favorites.
You can change your gallery whenever you want.

Your photos are safely stored with AWS.